Happiness And Cycling

One of the things that many cyclists agree on is that riding on a bike fills them with a sense of well being. There are several reasons for this. One of the more superficial ones is that people tend to ride bikes from an early age. Therefore when they engage in this activity they are remembering the happiness that they felt at this young age.

Cycling is a form of exercise and therefore gives the cyclist the same boost in mood that other cardio exercises give. The happiness felt from cycling is at its root a chemical one. The most common feelings from this activity are a sense contentment and calmness. At the same time cyclists usually feel awake when they engage in riding. It has even been proven that if the cyclist feels low beforehand then they will have an even greater sense of happiness when they begin a ride.

Stress is a common problem for a large number of people. Those who are more physically fit tend to have a reduction in their levels of stress. The chemical reactions in the brain felt from exercise are behind these feelings of well being. Cycling has been known to boost people’s self esteem, reduce their anxiety, depression and in some cases even alleviate dementia risks. Each of these effects will naturally make the person in question happier.

Children who cycle tend to perform well at school and have an increased attention span. Better cognition will naturally improve their academic performance. This sense of achievement is yet another secondary effect of cycling that will bring on happiness. These feelings in childhood due to cycling link back to how memories of cycling when young will bring on positive emotions. It shows that a lifetime of cycling will make a person increasingly happier.