Longevity Benefits of Staying Fit

There are plenty of different reasons why maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a good idea for everyone. Keeping fit will allow the human body to work as hard, and as productively, as it possibly can. Stamina will be further increased, and a person can continue to build on this over time.

A person with a healthy body will generally live longer, than someone who has an unhealthy lifestyle. This is because it prevents them from getting many unpleasant ailments and diseases. Developing a lean and slim body will fight against these. Conversely, those who do not exercise regularly, will be more likely to gain fat, and suffer the adverse effects that come with it.

Heart disease is undoubtedly one of the most common causes of premature death in the western world. It is, however, preventable. Those with obesity are significantly more at risk, than people with a low body mass index rating, and are also more likely to develop a variety of cancers. Keeping fit will help to stop someone developing these.

People who are regularly active, have been found to have a lower chance of getting breast cancer. This is because they have lower oestrogen levels. This hormone is often stored by fat inside the body. Therefore, those who have a smaller amount of fatty tissue, will be less likely to get breast cancer in their lifetime. Those who exercise often were found in a 2007 study, to have a lower chance of getting lung and colon cancers in particular.

Load bearing exercises have been found to help the health of bones. This, in turn, will fight against the onset of osteoporosis. Maintaining bone mass through different activities will also help to prevent injury in the event of a fall. These activities can include cycling, hiking, jogging, dancing and sports such as tennis.